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Our Story

Bergen Indivisible for Democracy (BID) is a New Jersey-based, volunteer, grass roots organization that works hand in hand with other social-minded groups to protect, preserve and advance shared democratic values. The group was launched from humble beginnings in February of 2017, in spontaneous response to the January 2017 Washington D.C Women’s March. With 45 Bergen County individuals gathered in a Tenafly living room, we brainstormed ways to create a positive impact in our community and beyond and moved to formally organize in loose affiliation with the National Indivisible. 


Since that exciting moment, BID has exponentially grown as a group to nearly 750 like-minded individuals of all backgrounds and experiences, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people in our community, our nation and around the globe.

President: Lori R. Sackler

Vice President: Mary Hubert

Treasurer: Susan Van Poznak

Committees and Chairs

  • Indivisible Liaison: Helen Singer Katz,

  • Congressional Office Tracking:
    Rose Marie Manger

  • Election Action: Mary Hubert

  • Communications: Rochelle Lazarus Saxena

  • Steering Committee: Lori Sackler

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