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2017 Events and Achievements

Looking to elicit democratic support in upcoming statewide and national elections, BID’s early efforts included the following:

  • On December 4th,  Bergen Indivisible for Democracy (BID) volunteers met in Tenafly and wrote 800 personalized postcards to registered Alabama voters asking them to vote for Democrat Doug Jones as he went head to head against  Roy Moore, a Republican  facing serious sexual assault accusations. This BID event was part of an ambitious national volunteer effort, "Postcards to Voters," that drew an amazing turnout.

  • Energized and eager to kick off the 2018 electoral season, BID organized an event with local candidates running for the New Jersey state legislature and school boards and councils, which was held at the home of Ret. Honorable Judge Ronny Jo Siegal and attended by representatives of fellow activist groups, such as WEDO of Bergen County and individuals from the Phil Murphy campaign. To ensure democratic wins, BID volunteers also organized phone banks and made over 600 calls in just a few hours to solicit support. BID also co-sponsored an event with the Murphy campaign and the Democratic Committee of Bergen County, hosted by Tammy Murphy and entertainer and activist Chelsea Handler.

Earlier in the year, BID organized other initiatives to engage and gain support from moderate voters. The victories, from New Jersey to Virginia and to New Hampshire. proved that our locally-led, progressive movement was successfully unapologetic in rejecting Trump’s style of hate and fear-mongering.

  • Six out of the 12 candidates that BID endorsed were elected. Phil Murphy became the new Governor of NJ. Assembly members Valerie Huttle and Gordon Johnson and State Senator Loretta Weinberg of LD 37 were successfully re-elected and Lauren Dayton and Jeff Grossman, both first time candidates, won spots on the Tenafly Town Council.

  • BID friends from LD 39, Annie Hausmann and Jannie Chung, who ran for the State Assembly, although not victorious, made a serious dent in the Republican stronghold, only 3% shy of the Republicans who won. The same held true for Linda Schwager, who ran for the State Senate and got an impressive 46% of the vote, while her Republican opponent was elected with only a little more than half the votes...and for Aparna Mulchandani and Debra Sahler, who both ran for the Ramsey Town Council. While they did not get quite enough votes to get elected, they were successful in getting our message heard and reclaiming Ramsey as a two-party town. 

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