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2023 Events and Achievements

As always, BID remains focused on protecting and advancing our democratic values and rights and collaborating with like-minded groups to advance its message and impact. 2023 was an enormously successful year, where BID accomplished the following: 

Addressing Voter Registration 

BID determined which districts/states/races were most critical and partnered with Field Team 6 – a highly sophisticated postcard writing vehicle – to urge voters to get registered.

Postcard Writing Initiatives 


BID conducted postcard writing initiatives with the help of its members and partnered with other Bergen County organizations to process more than 5,000 hand-written cards to likely voters in Virginia and Kentucky with successful outcomes in both states.

Targeting and contacting new potential voters in New York State

BID personally urged voters to get registered for the November 2024 cycle.

Expanding its circle of impact by connecting with other like-minded organizations


BID partnered with WEDO (Women Empowered Democratic Organization), a local organization advancing women in local and state leadership roles, National Council of Jewish Women, a grassroots organization that focuses on matters important to women and families, Westchester for Change Larchmont/Mamaroneck Indivisible, a group of community activists working for social and political change, and Stanton Strong, a non-partisan advocacy organization defending a woman's right to choose. 

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