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Your dollars will benefit: Bergen Indivisible for Democracy

As former congressional staffers and advocates, we want to help provide local activists with information, tools, and support to take action. Most of all we want you to be part of this nationwide movement.

Your financial support will help pay for, but is not limited to,filing papers for our non-profit, website hosting, and/or printing postcards.

Together we can effect change.


We hope you can help defray the operating expenses of the Bergen Indivisible for Democracy group, which strictly cover out-of-pocket costs BID might incur in connection with running the organization.  BID does not use these funds to support a party or particular candidate.  


If you wish to support BID, please write a check made out to: Bergen Indivisible for Democracy and mail your check to BID, C/O Daphne Bloore, 75 Park Street, Tenafly N.J. 07670, OR you can show your support by clicking on the yellow button below and pay via PayPal.

You can also use Zelle, though your bank account, by using our email:

Suggested Amounts:

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