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         With the border so much in the news these days, and as the issue of President Trump’s wall continues to cause division among Americans, the following first-hand accounts of visits to the USA-Mexico border might help provide a better sense of what actually goes on there, and what the REAL CRISIS is. The FACT is, we need to find a humane solution to this humanitarian challenge.


"Migrant Children Were Asked to Draw Their Experiences in U.S. Custody. Here's What They Drew"

           Time  -  July 4, 2019

"250 children living under inhumane conditions at Texas border facility,

doctors and attorneys say"

           CBS News  -  June 21, 2019

"Trump: U.S., Mexico Reach Deal To Avoid New Tariffs"

           Texas Public Radio  -  June 8, 2019. Updated Saturday at 10:30 a.m. ET

"Guatemalan Boy Dies at Border Station While Awaiting Move to a Shelter"

          The New York Times  -  May 20, 2019

"Eleven-year-old ordered deported without her family"

           Houston Chronicle  -   Updated April 12, 2019

"Trump Walks Back Threat To Close U.S. Border, Giving Mexico A '1-Year Warning'"

           Texas Public Radio  -  April 4, 2019


"Pentagon Takes $1 Billion From Miliatary Personnel Account To Build Border Fence"

           Texas Public Radio  -  March 27, 2019


"U.S. Continues to Separate Migrant Families Despite Rollback of Policy"

          The New York Times  -  March 9, 2019

" ‘You Have to Pay With Your Body’: The Hidden Nightmare of Sexual Violence on the Border"

             The New York Times  -  March 3, 2019

"The Reality At The Border: Butterflies And The Border Wall"

          Texas Public Radio  -  March 1 2019

"We Traveled the Length of the Border. The People We Met There Fear More Government, Not More Immigrants"

            TIME    -    February 14, 2019


"A Border Crash and the Blurry Line Between the U.S. and Mexico"

            The New York Times   -   February 14, 2019

"I went to Tijuana to see Trump's manufactured border crisis"

             ACLU  -   January 28, 2019


"Trump Worsens the Border Crisis"

            The New York Times    -   January 17, 2019 



"Where Does Illegal Immigration Mostly Occur? Here's What Data Tell Us" 

            Texas Public Radio  - January 10, 2019


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