Dear BID members and friends,

We hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and at home during these challenging times. And, to those of you who have friends or family members who are currently sick or who are or know health care or other essential front-line workers that are potentially exposing themselves to COVID-19 each day, our hearts and prayers are with you and them.


Just as we were gearing up to kick off our 2020 election action campaign, the lockdown forced us to cancel our events and we all turned inward to adapt to the new normal.


As a grassroots organization in existence now for over three years, we believe staying engaged and continuing to do meaningful work on the ground can help lift us up individually and collectively and make a difference in our lives, the lives of others and potentially influence the direction of our country. The lack of leadership at the top underscores the absolute need for changes in Washington at almost every level.


Our “Adopt A Voter - Take  Back The Senate”  campaign will now transition to an online platform in partnership with Vote Forward and thousands of other groups around the country. This will not only allow us to have a powerful voice in November but should result in major shifts in power at all levels of government. The details of how we will accomplish that are presented below.


Please join us in this endeavor as we attempt to reclaim our democracy and our country.

With warm regards,

Lori Sackler, BID Founder and President

Mary Hubert, BID Vice President

Because of our inability to gather and write to voters in person as we did in 2018, we are transitioning to a new platform that will allow us to work from home.


Senate Races

We have identified and will be targeting 5 highly competitive Senate races with strong candidates who have a real chance to unseat the current Republican:

  • John Hickenlooper in Colorado, Incumbent (R) Cory Gardner

  • Cal Cunningham in North Carolina, Incumbent (R)Thom Tillis

  • Sara Gideon in Maine, Incumbent (R) Susan Collins

  • Mark Kelly in Arizona, Incumbent (R) Martha McSally

  • Theresa Greenfield in Iowa, Incumbent (R) Joni Ernst

You Can Help!

Sending a Vote Forward letter is one of the easiest things you can do to increase turnout. It takes two minutes and one stamp, and meaningfully increases the odds that the recipient will vote. A concrete action you can take, no matter where you live, to get unlikely-to-vote fellow democrats to the polls. 


Here Are The Steps:

  1. You will need a printer, printer paper, blue pens, #20 business envelopes and stamps

  2. Sign Up at the Vote Forward  website: 

  3. Print the 2 page general instructions found at the bottom of  the home page

  4. Once your account is approved, you will be able to choose one of the active campaigns we have listed above. Remember that voters you adopt won’t be assigned to anyone else. By adopting them, you’re committing to send the letters.

Follow the instructions on the print out:

  1. Download and Print the Letters (there is no limit but we suggest 20 per volunteer)

  2. Hand write your own personal message (see suggested messages below)

  3. Address, Stamp, Seal

  4. Mark “Prepared” on Vote Forward Website

  5. Set Aside Until The “Send” Date (one week before election day, October 27, 2020)

Personalized note suggestions:

  • I vote to honor those who have valiantly fought so our voices would be heard. Join me!

  • I vote because it matters; my vote counts and yours will too. We can make a difference!

  • I vote to secure the America I love for generations to come. I need your help!

  • I vote to ensure that America has great days ahead; I know you want that too.

  • I vote to ensure my children and grandchildren will flourish in the American I love; I know you want that too!

 Party anyone? Invite your friends to join you via an app like ZOOM

You can have a virtual party with a group of friends.

Each participant can download 20 voter letters and follow your instructions. 

Help us keep track of our success!!

Finally, we need your help in keeping track of our success. Please take a moment to complete the questionnaire on this page to inform us of your progress and ultimate completion of your letter writing. 

Good luck and thanks for participating in our


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