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Hi Dear BID Friends,

Many of you have been patiently waiting for opportunities to engage in our brand of activism as we approach the consequential 2024 election cycle.  It is still early to determine the best strategies as the landscape of candidates, races and campaign platforms will not begin to take shape until later this summer.  However, we do have an "ask" while we are still figuring out the best states and races to focus our attention on.

We need to engage in the information war and set the narrative for 2024 now. And each of us has a role as an information amplifier to combat the right-wing noise machine.

Do your friends tell you:

  • I don't like politics

  • All politicians are the same

  • Elections don't make a difference

  • The Democrats have no message

Here are themes you can share to rebut this pessimism.

  • The US economy does better under Democrats

  • Democrats protect our freedoms

  • President Biden has been a good president 


Please help amplify these points through your personal networks. Together we have a large circle of influence. Let's not let FOX News and Maga folks set the narrative for 2024. Get loud! (6mn video)

Below is information you can use to back up these themes.

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We keep winning elections!

The GOP is stuck on an epic losing streak!

  • In 2018, Democrats had a net gain of 40 seats to take over the House — their largest gain since the post-Watergate election of 1974.

  • In 2020, Biden won the presidency.

  • In 2021, Democrats won the two runoff elections in Georgia and took control of the U.S. Senate. 

  • In 2022, Democrats gained a seat in the US Senate, won the Governorships, Attorneys General and Secretaries of State in MI, PA, WI, and AZ, had unprecedented gains in state legislatures for a party in power.

  • In 2023 special elections, Dem candidates are running 7 points ahead compared to 2020 presidential margins and 11 points compared to 2016.

  • And just last month, progressive Democrats triumphed in two of this year's most consequential elections.

    • Brandon Johnson, a teachers' union organizer, was elected Chicago mayor.

    • In swing state Wisconsin, Democrat-backed Janet Protasiewicz flipped the state Supreme Court to liberals in a landslide (+11% and 200,000 votes).


A key factor in these Democratic victories is increasing turnout of the youth, which started in 2018 and accelerated with the Dobbs decision, the repeated threats to our democracy, and the legislative successes of the Biden Administration.

And these victories also happened because of something that exists now that did not exist in 2016! 

It is the national activism movement, made up of thousands of grassroots groups like BID and hundreds of thousands of volunteers (and that includes us) who are registering and mobilizing millions of Democratic voters. It is a multiracial, intergenerational, cross-denominational coalition. The vast majority of this movement are women. And it is growing every day.

America - How are we doing in 2023?

  • Lowest peacetime unemployment since WWII

  • Lowest poverty and uninsured rates since 1989

  • Stockmarket is 16x 1989 levels

  • Best economic recovery from COVID in the G7

  • Domestic oil production on track to set records in 2023

  • Historic investments in our future prosperity (infrastructure, CHIPs, climate, health care)

  • 2 jobs openings per unemployed

  • Wages and new business formations elevated

  • Real earnings up in 2022

  • Trade deficit, budget deficit way down

  • Crime rates far below a generation ago

  • Immigrant crime rate below native born rate

  • Teenage pregnancy rates way way down

  • High school and college graduation rates at all time highs

"America remains the world’s richest, most productive and most innovative big economy. By an impressive number of measures, it is leaving its peers ever further in the dust"

–The Economist - The lessons from America’s astonishing economic record

Start with the familiar measure of economic success: gdp. In 1990 America accounted for a quarter of the world’s output, at market exchange rates. Thirty years on, that share is almost unchanged, even as China has gained economic clout. America’s dominance of the rich world is startling. Today it accounts for 58% of the g7’s gdp, compared with 40% in 1990. Adjusted for purchasing power, only those in über-rich petrostates and financial hubs enjoy a higher income per person. Average incomes have grown much faster than in western Europe or Japan. Also adjusted for purchasing power, they exceed $50,000 in Mississippi, America’s poorest state—higher than in France.

The record is as impressive for many of the ingredients of growth. America has nearly a third more workers than in 1990, compared with a tenth in western Europe and Japan. And, perhaps surprisingly, more of them have graduate and postgraduate degrees. True, Americans work more hours on average than Europeans and the Japanese. But they are significantly more productive than both.

American firms own more than a fifth of patents registered abroad, more than China and Germany put together. All of the five biggest corporate sources of research and development(R&D) are American; in the past year they have spent $200bn. Consumers everywhere have benefited from their innovations in everything from the laptop and the iPhone to artificial-intelligence chatbots. Investors who put $100 into the s&p 500 in 1990 would have more than $2,000 today, four times what they would have earned had they invested elsewhere in the rich world."

Where is the 'American Carnage' that launched Trump and that is still pushed by right-wing media and the MAGA GOP? The greater MAGA’s strategy is to intentionally poison our discourse with negative sentiment every day. 


And, the New York Times April 20th opinion article "The Power of American Capitalism" by David Brooks lays out an inspiring viewpoint backed up by accurate and compelling data. ( If you have a subscription you can access it

While we are facing serious threats to our prosperity and security (a belligerent China, the war on Ukraine, climate crisis, gun violence, just to name a few), the MAGA GOP and Fox News would have you believe that our greatest threats are drag queen reading hour, CRT, books, ... This is meant to be a divisive distraction, but it is a dangerous injustice. You can tell a lot about a party by how it treats the most vulnerable and marginalized.

We must reject any equivalency between the Democrats and the MAGA GOP, the left and the right. The MAGA GOP is a national coalition of the very wealthy and those motivated by white identity politics and cultural resentment.

The US economy does better under Democrats
Because the GOP is the party of big business, it is universally assumed that Republicans are better at handling the economy.  It’s wrong (60 mn video). Dead wrong. 

The Democrats have been a remarkably successful governing party since 1989, while the Republicans have presided over three straight recessions, historic foreign policy failures and a deeply dangerous embrace of illiberalism. 


  • Dems = jobs, growth, lower deficits, progress, freedom, the future

  • GOP = recession, higher deficits, reactionary, decline

Dems create jobs


  • 33.8m jobs - 16 yrs Clinton Obama

  • 10.5 jobs - 22 months Biden

  • 1.9m jobs - 16 yrs 2 Bushes Trump   

Since 1989 and a new age of globalization began, 46m net new jobs have been created in America. 
44m - 96% - have been created under Democratic Presidents.

GDP grows more with Dems
GDP growth has also been more than 3 times what it was under Trump.

Biden era sees an explosion of business formation

Wages are at historically elevated levels, unemployment, uninsured rates and poverty rates are at all-time lows.

Overwhelming majority of stock market wealth is created under Dem presidents


While the stock market has been a bit choppy under Biden, during this period of globalization the US has seen historic wealth creation. Our global companies have been wildly successful.
Wealth creation under Dems far outpaces Trump, GOP.

Dems are the party of fiscal responsibility

GOP brings recessions, higher deficits, Dems bring growth, lower deficits.

Change in annual deficit, by GDP, during Presidency:

Bush      + 1.8%
Clinton   - 6%
Bush      + 1.9%
Obama   - 6.7%
Trump    + 11.6%
Biden     - 8.2% (2023 budget projection)

For more information, see Simon Rosenberg - Hopium Chronicles

Democrats protect our freedoms

In America, we value our freedoms. Freedom to vote, to retire in dignity, to get the care we need, to decide whether and when we grow our families, to choose who we love, to know our kids will be safe, to have clean air and water, to have a fair shot at a better life, and more.

Our freedoms are under attack. The GOP wants to take away the freedom from all who do not look, live and love like them by:


  • gerrymandering and suppressing votes,

  • ending social security and Medicare,

  • repealing Obamacare,

  • outlawing abortion,

  • denying healthcare in the name of politics,

  • limiting LGBTQ rights,

  • defunding public education,

  • banning books,

  • blocking gun safety,

  • blocking the transition to clean energy,

  • blocking immigration reform, and more.

There is only one party protecting our freedoms and that is the Democratic Party.

BIDEN  has been a good President

There are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about our politics now. President Biden has been a good President, and America is far better off today. The Democratic Party is strong, our rising generation of leaders is ready and our grassroots is bigger and more effective then its ever been. Putin has stumbled in Ukraine, and the climate package passed by Congress last year has dramatically accelerated the global pace of decarbonization.

We must go on offense now, expand our coalition, and “Get to 55.” The GOP’s extremism and awfulness are giving us an opportunity to go big and grow our vote, “Get to 55” - as we just did in Wisconsin - all across the US. Simon discusses the “Get to 55” strategy in this video. More on that next month.
Here are some Biden/Harris admin resources for you to share:


What you can do now is spread the message that:


  • the US economy does better under Democrats 

  • the Democratic Party is the party of freedom

  • Biden has been a good president

Repetition is important. Say it often, say it loud. Keep it simple.

In summary, apologies for the length and informal nature of this piece. I am not a journalist or writer but an activist. I am giving you talking points to  pitch a friend or a voter, use in a Tweet or a post. Feel free to plagiarize, edit and share with your friends.

Please do not attribute any of this to me as I took it from many others!

And, please remember:

"Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world,
but has not solved one yet."
    –Maya Angelou
Warm regards,
Lori Sackler

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