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Why should you join?

Your voice matters! Join us today! Our children and our grandchildren are depending on your engagement. Each person has a role to play, and we can help you do the following:


  • KNOW: Be informed about our rights and the rights of others so we can protect ourselves and those who are most vulnerable to policy changes.

  • SUPPORT: Embrace organizations and communities marginalized by current policies. Stand up for individuals being harassed. Donate money, volunteer your time, and spread the word about the great work these organizations are doing.

  • BE HEARD: Speak up, listen and peacefully communicate our concerns. Hold our government and the media responsible for their words and actions.

  • LEAD: Run for office, plan a community action, or get involved in campaigns for progressive candidates running for office.

  • ACT: Wake up. Take action. Every day! Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Work to create inspired networks and take action together!


As a member, you can join us in taking actions that will lead to positive change. Working together as a team, often in collaboration with other organizations, we make calls, send messages, visit local congressional offices, identify, support, and promote individuals running for local, state, and federal offices, attend town hall meetings and community events, create special events for  our community — all in a collective effort to have our voices heard, to keep our representatives accountable, and to uphold our democratic values. 

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