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Dear BID Friends:

We at BID are so proud and grateful for the work we do together as grassroots activists in the Tri-State area. We’ve succeeded in making a difference in our local and national communities and now, at a time when our voices are most needed, we are ramping up our efforts. As always, our goal is to remain focused on protecting and advancing our democratic values and rights, and our success depends on collaborating with like-minded groups and people like you to advance our message and impact.

But we still have reason to worry…With the 2024 Presidential election only four months away, there is much at stake. The possible reelection of an authoritarian Donald Trump, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives’ inability to advance domestic and international legislation, along with their dangerous, extreme agenda, all pose a serious threat to the fate of our democracy and our civil society.

The stakes are high. We need to take action. We know you’re exhausted, burnt out, and in self-protection mode from years of domestic and international turbulence, COVID, and now two disturbing wars. However, we need to mobilize once again for the upcoming, most important election of our lifetimes. Thought leaders are warning us that November’s election will be seriously critical – a tipping point back to democratic norms or a plunge into deep, authoritarian chaos. If each of us steps up and participates, we can affect change. Begin by asking one more friend to become part of your activist circle. Get one more person to register and vote.Get your children and grandchildren to vote and become warriors for democracy around issues they care about:, such as abortion rights, climate change and gun reform. Every effort counts.


Join Us for Our Current BID Initiatives: As we enter the critical last months of this high-stakes election year, BID will be initiating a final get-out-the-vote postcard writing campaign this summer/fall to promote voter registration in swing states, reminding people to vote either in person or by mail. This follows on the heels of a major effort this spring when 90 BID volunteers in New Jersey and beyond sent 4,500 handwritten, carefully crafted messages to register Democrats in important swing states, including  North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. We’ll be sending out an email with all the details and a link to sign up. If you are new to BID, please join us today and provide your contact information so you can participate!


We will serve as Information Warriors, sharing truthful information to offset the widespread disinformation that is reported in the daily media and beyond. We will be gathering and providing valuable resources, polling data, and detailed information about important progress and achievements that are not making its way to the general public.This will include communicating President Biden’s historic accomplishments, which are too often ignored or downplayed, when in fact, he has assembled an impressive legislative record which many believe is more than any president since Lyndon Johnson.


We are also planning a major Biden Campaign information forum – in collaboration with several “sister” organizations – where you’ll have a unique opportunity to hear from senior members of the Biden campaign, who will provide up-to-date details regarding the campaign, as well as what the media and social media are not reporting. If we can make this happen, it will provide a crucial insider look as to what is actually happening on the ground, where the campaign is focusing its efforts, and how we can help to ensure that rational, moderate, capable leadership continues at the helm in Washington for another four years.  Please stay tuned for further details.

We are grateful for your participation and support. We want to express our gratitude to all of you who have participated in our journey together so far. We are also eager to welcome newcomers, who share our goals and vision and can bring their own unique voice and talents to the table  – especially now as we face the 2024 presidential election. The time is upon us and only a few thousand votes might easily determine the ultimate outcome. So please join us and become part of a grassroots movement that will protect our democracy and make our children and grandchildren proud.


With warmest regards,

Lori Sackler, BID President & the BID Steering Committee



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